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Health Advocate

Volunteer Training

Course aims and objectives:



  • Health Volunteer Development

  • Equip with health maintenance skills for daily life.

  • Improve family health for early detection and risk reduction of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, obesity)

Content of the training:

  • Chronic Diseases and management: Hypertension and Diabetes

  • First Aid: Use of basic first skills and first aid box.

  • Infectious diseases: Communicable diseases among children and adults.

  • Healthy Diet: Food pyramid concept and understanding food labeling.

  • Mental Health: Stress and anxiety

  • Cancer Prevention: Cervical cancer and Breast cancer

  • Practical Training: Measuring Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Blood Cholesterol and Body fat.


Outcome measurement:

After completing the course, volunteer should be able to:-

  • Apply healthy skills in daily life.

  • Be capable of providing first aid during minor injuries at home.

  • Raise awareness about healthy life skills in the peer/community

  • Raise awareness on uptake of Pap Smear Screening among South Asian Women.

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