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Cranberry, Cashews and Feta Salad 

Serves: 5


Salad greens

Toasted unsalted cashews

Dried cranberries

Cherry tomato

Low fat feta cheese

Honey or maple syrup

Balsamic vinegar

5 cups

1 cup

1 cup

1 pack


1 Tbsp

1 Tbsp


  1. Place salad greens into large serving bowl.

  2. Sprinkle cashews, feta cheese and cranberries on top.

  3. Drizzle honey/maple syrup and balsamic vinegar just prior to serving.

Nutrient Analysis (per serve):


  • Feel free to substitute greens, cheese, fruit or nuts with other fresh ingredients of your choice, the beauty of a salad is that it is very flexible and can accommodate everyone’s preferences.

  • This salad is full of healthy dietary fibre, antioxidants and healthy fats from the fruit, greens and nuts.

  • To color the salad and make it attractive, try to add in some capsicum, beetroot or pumpkin which also provide extra antioxidants and nutrients for you.

  • Using small quantities of vinegar and honey to dress the salad just before serving prevents the salad from going soggy. Vinegar and honey is also a much healthier dressing compared with commercial salad dressings which are typically high in fat.

  • You can also mash the avocado and mix it with low fat plain yoghurt to prepare a creamy salad dressing.

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