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Mental Health

In recent years, mental health is one of major health problems including in Hong Kong. Of which depression is increasingly widespread. Therefore, more attending is required.

What is depression?

  • Common mental disorder

  • May lead to substantial impairments

  • Affecting about 121 million people worldwide

  • More female than male suffer from depression



  1. Continuous feelings of sadness

  2. Diminished or loss of interest and motivation to daily activities

  3. Fatigue or loss of energy

  4. Feelings of worthlessness

  5. Recurrent suicidal thoughts

  6. Diminished ability to concentrate and make decisions

  7. Insomnia or hypersomnia

  8. Significant unintentional weight gain or loss

  9. Inappropriate feeling of guilt


If you suffer from four or more of the above symptoms continuously for 2 weeks, you should seek medical advice.


  • Regular physical exercises (2-3 times/ weeks, at least 30 mins)

  • Maintain social contact with others, join social activities

  • When dealing with obstacles, ask for friends’ help

  • If feeling upset, try to tell others

  • Improve communication skills and coping resources with family members

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