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Virgin Ginger Mimosa

Serves: 4


Fresh orange juice

Sparkling/Soda water

Ginger-peeled and sliced

Mandarin orange or clementine-peeled

Rosemary (optional)-to garnish

1 cup

2 cups

1 thumb(approx. 15g)



  1. Add ice cubes into serving glasses or jug, pour in orange juice and sparkling water in 1:2 ratio

  2. Add wedges of mandarin orange/ clementine and sliced ginger. Garnish with sprig of rosemary (optional), serve cold.

Nutrient Analysis (per serve):


  • Using sparkling water can make a refreshing drink without the added sugar of soft drinks.

  • Fresh juice and fruit is used to provide the sweetness without added syrup.

  • Juice and fruit has added bonus of providing dietary fibre and vitamins.

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