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Sweet Potato and Ginger Sweet Soup

Serves: 5


Sweet potatos-peeled cut into chunks

Ginger-peeled and sliced

Slab sugar

Dried red dates (optional)




2 large

4 thumbs (approx. 60g)

1 piece (approx. 50g)




  1. Add sweet potatoes and water into a large pot and bring to boil, once boiling add ginger, slab sugar and red dates.

  2. Boil at medium heat until sweet potatoes are tender. Serve hot.

Nutrient Analysis (per serve):


  • If unable to get slab sugar, other types of sugar are also viable. It is also possible to use more red dates to get the sweet effect and cutting down on the amount of sugar used.

  • Sweet potatoes are high in dietary fibre, don’t forget to eat them too!

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