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My experience working with UCN was great. Over the course of 6 weeks I was able to learn so much about the health care system in Hong Kong and got to experience first hand the impacts of the way the system was designed on ethnic minorities. My favourite part of the internship was that no day was exactly the same, some days were spent in the office doing follow ups, some were spent in the clinics, some at outdoor events and some at home visits. I felt very lucky to have been given the opportunity as an intern to be able to see the different aspects of what is done at UCN and participate in a variety of events/activities. I also liked working with other interns and getting to know people that I would not have had the opportunity working with if it had not been for UCN. I also felt very grateful to meet all the nurses and staff at UCN, they were so welcoming and friendly and always made sure to take the time to help out and make me feel comfortable.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biology, Student Intern 2023


I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the UCN family. This is my first contact with the ethnic minorities social services. Over the course of my six-week internship, I have participated in a variety of events, such as health screenings, school visits, and religious place visits. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience from all of these events. Besides, my internship also allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of South Asian culture, including their language and religion. Having the opportunity to work with the team has helped me developed a deeper understanding of the world around me. Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity to me!

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student Intern, 2023


My experience in UCN is fruitful and inspiring, I'm glad to be a member of UCN during the internship. It is grateful that UCN gave me various opportunities in providing health promotional services to the South Asian community and joining the outreach events, like cooking classes and women health day. I got a lot of unforgettable memories in UCN, especially in the cooking classes. I appreciate that all the South Asians are very willing to share, they cook their daily food together cooperatively and invite us to try their food enthusiastically. I really enjoy trying their food and chatting with them as I can learn more about different cultures. Not only joining the outreach events but also helping to design the health promotional materials inspire me a lot, it lets me have a better understanding of health care. In addition, it is a fresh experience for me to work with people from different countries as most of my colleagues and supervisors are ethnic minorities, I found that they are very friendly, all of them teach me patiently and chat with me actively. It is a valuable experience to work with the team in UCN and in touch with the South Asian community.  

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student intern, 2019


It is my honor to be a program assistant in UCN Community Health Services during summer. Experiences working in UCN South Asian Program is meaningful and fruitful as I have participated in different outing events, such as helping in a cooking class and health day in Sikh Temple. In addition, I am happy to acquire new skills and knowledge about quit smoking in smoking department that not found in textbook through designing a quit-smoking booklet and sitting in some real smoking cases. The most valuable thing I have learnt from the internship is how to work as an employee in a real working environment. I am thankful that supervisor and colleagues are very kind and friendly, they usually give me useful comments and teach me a lot. Thank you for giving me this treasured opportunity.

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student Intern, 2019


I am grateful to UCN for giving me the opportunity to work as program assistant of South Asian health promotion program. It is my first time to work with people coming from different countries and participate in a healthcare project. During the past few weeks, i got plenty of chances to engage in various kinds of event like cooking class, exercise class and health promotion day. Those experiences are interesting and new to me. There was also a valuable chance for me to visit Sikh temple where i have never been to before. I can try traditional Indian meal and observe the religious activities there. I think these experiences are really special and impressive. It is a good chance to get involve in brand new lifestyle of other cultures. Apart from that, I realized the importance of providing basic healthcare services to ethnic minority and new immigrants through the internship. We really need to pay great effort to reach and educate the EM community about health caring in order to assist them to integrate into Hong Kong society. Therefore, lets volunteer and join this family.

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student Intern, 2019


My experience at UCN was filled with a plethora of opportunities to learn more about primary care catered to South Asian ethnic minorities. What struck me the most, however, was the incredible dedication that the entire team has when providing services to the South Asian community. As such, I was given a variety of tasks in my experience at the center. Besides the data entry, I was given the chance to design health promotional materials which allowed me to understand how each material can be catered to certain subgroups within the ethnic minority community. Moreover, I was given the experience to engage in and prepare for many of the multifaceted events that are held at the center. Apart from being in activities which were held at the center, I, as an intern of UCN, was given the chance to attend the Ethnic Minority Network Meeting where current policies and their caveats were discussed as much as the future directions that various organizations will strive towards. All in all, it was a great learning experience where I was supported wholeheartedly by an amazing team!

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student Intern, 2019


This three-week internship in UCN was definitely a valuable and fruitful experience. It was a great opportunity for me to learn and serve in the field of healthcare on a community basis.  I had the chance to design health promotional materials that aim to reach different target population.  Conducting follow-up calls enabled me to know the health conditions of some high risk groups.  I gained a better understanding on the health concern and needs of people, especially for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.  I also had hands-on experience in health intervention and lifestyle modification during this internship.  Last but not least, I am thankful for the guidance and care from UCN colleagues, it was a great pleasure working with them.  I was really grateful to have this internship opportunity, and also exposed myself to various South Asian cultures.   

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Public Health, Student Intern, 2019


Hi! It is good to see you here!You ask me how long that I work in UCN? I just work here for one month only, If I have one more chance I would like to work in here longer or ever. You think I am crazy right? I can tell you "No, I'm not." Working in UCN is not only learning the working skills, it also let me know more about South Asian different traditional, styles, languages and their dressing. All of the South Asian  are very kind to us, after we do exercise all of them will say "Thank you so much!" this very touching words,it like their heart ignite your heart feel happiness.Staff in UCN are very nice, they always take care of me, and give me knowledge, everyday is special. The whole world is very colourful, and it changed my impression of South Asian too, it is the most amazing things of my life.

Pui Kiu Middle School of Hong Kong, Student Intern 2019


I am very glad to have the opportunity to finish my internship as a program assistant at UCN Community Health Service. The experience in UCN is valuable and inspiring, and I got a lot of knowledge that we cannot learn from school courses, such as how to prepare materials when hosting a health event, how to cooperate with colleagues, and how to deal with the accidents which occasionally occurred in reality. The most valuable things I have learnt from the internship is how to communicate with people come from different countries with different cultures. The factors that influence people’s health is complicated, and culture is definitely one of these factors. Only when we understand people’s culture and their socioeconomic status, we can estimate their health need precisely. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finish my internship in UCN, I believe the knowledge I got from the experience will help me a lot in my future career.

The University of Hong Kong, Master of Public Health, Student Intern, 2019


Thank you UCN gave me a lot of learning opportunities. I could know more about primary health care and services for South Asian in Hong Kong through variety of events and outreaches like Women's Health Day, home and school visit. It was very enjoyable as I could gain knowledge by first-hand experience. It was also a precious chance for understanding different South Asian cultures. Once again thank you UCN gave me an unforgettable summer holiday!

The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Public Health, Student Intern, 2018


During the 3-week internship, I have learnt the basic technique of data entry and formatting right at the beginning. I also got some training about how to use devices for measuring body fat % and blood pressure.  Beside the office work, I have gained a lot of first-hand experience in community health service. For example, I have helped in the Smoking Cessation booth at the Multiculturalism Kick-Off Carnival in Kwai Fong. I have also participated in some outreach events such as cooking class and home visit. I have learnt not only the routine planning and organizing a health  event, but also about different cultures through interacting with ethnic minorities.

City University of Hong Kong,Psychology, Student Intern, 2018


I am really grateful to be granted an opportunity  to be a student intern in UCN South Asian Health Support Programme. It provided me with a chance to serve and help ethnic minority group and to share with them my knowledge. I felt a great sense of satisfaction during each and every event I participated in, I truly experienced the teaching of more blessed to give than to receive. Every smile and "thank you" from participants became my motivation to do more and to do better. I also learned a lot of data inputting and organizing skills, as well as some basic procedures of health checkups during my placement in UCN. After my internship, language is no more a barrier for us and I am glad to be a part of this family.

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student Intern, 2018


To be a student intern in UCN was a chance I can treasure.  It allowed me to see people in another corners of Hong Kong. In this internship, I've met ethnic minorities, people whom I do not encounter and I'm not familiar with. I appreciate the distinctiveness of different ethnicity. Interacting with people who speak different languages boosted my confidence on communication with them. After joining variety of programs and events, I learned a lot of knowledge and self care skills. I saw the need in promoting health to the ethnic minorities. There was a sense of satisfaction when I could help conveying the message of health. Love and respect bring people closer. When we choose to approach , understand and give care to people of different ethnicity, there is no more boundary between us.

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student Intern, 2017


Working in SAHP has been the most beneficial and fruitful experience of my life. During the internship I have got some real world experience, such as designing the promotion materials and handling the phone calls in the office, and performed health checkup like blood pressure taking, in the outreach activities. Moreover, I have improved my communication skills and be able to deal with diversity. Thanks to all the supportive and caring staffs for teaching me a lot of things and guiding me to finish the tasks.

City University of Hong Kong, Psychology, Student Intern, 2017


The internship here at UCN South Asian Health Support Programme is definitely a fruitful and eye-opening experience. In merely two weeks’ time, I was given many opportunities to work on sundry projects, from office support like updating website and designing newsletters, to outreach activities such as Women’s Health Day and school based health programme. For a person who hasn’t got in touch with the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong before, I am grateful for the chance to serve as well as to learn more about the cultures of these communities during the Sikh Temple and Nepalese Society health events. Meanwhile, I am thankful for the friendly SAHP staff who have provided us with continuous support throughout the internship. All in all, the experience not only develops my skills in health promotion, but also allows me to see the community from other perspectives.

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Public Health, Student Intern, 2017


In shortly two weeks, I have experienced the effectiveness of the SAHP team. Under this limited duration of stay, I have already been exposed to four different ethnicities, four rarely encountered languages, 3 cultures, countless daily and monthly tasks and a few upcoming health promotional and service projects. There is a saying that “anyone can serve, but not everyone can deliver an effective outcome.” Under the SAHP team in UCN, I have personally witnessed and experienced the key to deliver an effective outcome and that is to localize our communication method in every aspect of our promotional materials. Whether it is a presentation, a leaflet or a newsletter, Dr. Sharmila Gurung often mentions the importance to deliver a comprehensive message – a message that our very own audience is able to receive, understand and eventually practice upon. Beautified dictions and complicated phrases may attract and inspire the managerial positions of the health sector but it will not make direct influence to the population we objectify to impact. As a future public health practitioner, I aim to master the bottom-up approach, understanding the needs and concerns from our own general population prior to our decision making. This is what public health practitioners should place priority in because our goal is not to build ourselves up but to serve and disseminate health into our populations, communities and society.

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Public Health, Student Intern, 2017


It’s my great honor to have this internship at UCN South Asian Health Support Programme! When I’m assisting in the health promotion activities, I interact regularly with people from different countries within South Asian, such as India, Nepal, Pakistan and Philippines and recognize the importance of culture in Public Health Practice, which can not only improve my communication skills but also provide me with eye-opening experience! In addition, I recognize that health promotion is not merely raising disease risk awareness among people but enabling people to take actions to improve their health. We need to follow up the cases, only focusing on the education is not useful. I’m so glad that I have learned more knowledge that I cannot learn from the lectures.

Thank you so much! Miss you!

The University of Hong Kong, Master of Public Health, Student Intern, 2017


It is my profound honor to have this oppurtunity to work here in the South Asian Health Support Programme. I enjoy working here with all the supportive staff, I have the chance to experience a variety of tasks, from designing promotion materials to organizing health campaign, there were always things for me to learn. I am able to interact with people from different which was eye-opening. This job doesn't only enhance my knowledge, but it also helps me become a better person and give whole new perspective to see the world. I cherish this opportunity and I highly recommend you to become a volunteer and join this family.

City University of Hong Kong, Student Intern, 2016


This internship was an extremely valuable experience for me as it really opened my eyes to the real world. The practical experience helped me to develop skills that cannot be acquired in the classroom, such as communicating with the ethnic minorities, dealing with diversity, and working well as a team. I am really glad that I have learned more than what I expected.

City University of Hong Kong, Student Intern, 2016

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